A Discussion of the problems of Violence and Racism in the Past due 20th Century

".Everybody jumped on him, defeat the hell out of him. Everybody was

hitting him or kicking him. One man was kicking at his backbone. Another guy

hitting privately of the facial skin. He was unconscious. He was bleeding.

Everybody had blood on the forearms. We ran again up the hill laughing.

He must have died. He lost therefore much blood vessels he turned white colored. He got

what he deserved" (Ridgeway 167.)

The skinheads who performed this random work of racial violence in 1990,

had no reason to brutally overcome their victim apart from the actual fact that he was

Mexican (Ridgeway 167). Racism is certainly objectively thought as any practice of

ethnic discrimination or segregation. Luckily, racial violence is

steadily declining as the convert of the century techniques. Now a fresh form

of racism, covert racism, has sprung from the pressures of

political correctness. This new sort of racism, although slowly and gradually declining,

still shows signs of strong support (Piazza 86). Covert racism