An Effective Usage of Flashbacks in Sonny's Blues by James Baldwin

Sonny’s Blues


the short storyline “Sonny’s Blues” the article writer, James Baldwin, uses

flashback to greatly help better understand what is certainly going on in today's.

Sonny can be an African-American man that's presently in jail for using

and retailing heroin. The narrator of the tale is Sonny’s brother,

whom we by no means get the brand of. They was raised in Harlem, NY, a

city with a higher population and a higher drug volume.

The first time the writer runs on the flashback is showing what Sonny was like when he was the same get older as his learners. “…his face has been bright and open, there is a whole lot of copper in it; and he’d had wonderfully direct brown eye, and wonderful gentleness and privacy. I wondered what he appeared as if now (pg. 74).” This can help the reader present that Sonny hasn’t been a boring soul; he utilized to be very mild and shy. The reader right now wants to really know what made him in this manner, questions that may be answered within a flashback.


brother then commences to discuss anyone who has passed away which

include their mother, daddy, as well as the narrator’s daughter

(Sonny’s niece). This therefore brings about the development of flashbacks

about their parents. ‘ "You

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