An Examination of Behaviors of MIDDLE INCOME Blacks in Track of Solomon by Toni Morrison



Imara Vaughn

CENG 311-04

Mr. Edwards

18 September 2015

A Criticism of the Opinions and Behaviors of MIDDLE INCOME Blacks in Song of Solomon

Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon is usually a fictional narrative occur the first 1930's through the 1960's throughout a time of social and political unrest in the usa. Leveraged

Morrison develops the theory that Macon, Jr. and Milkman depend on materials possessions to validate their presence. Throughout Solomon there certainly are a number of occurrences where Macon, Jr. claims his self-worth with regards to his material belongings. For instance, in chapter among Solomon, Morrison provides insight on Macon, Jr.'s identity according to his point of view of himself. Morrison uses Macon, Jr.'s thoughts regarding how others check out him showing how Macon, Jr. is determined by assets to promise his personal benefit. Morrison infers that Macon, Jr. takes satisfaction in others relating to him as “the propertied Negro who dealt with his business so very well and who lived in the big residence on Not Doctor Road (Morrison 21).”

Another instance where Morrison demonstrates how Macon, Jr. uses his assets for example of personal benefit is demonstrated later