1 . Exactly what some potential legal and ethical concerns present in this situatio study?

The potential legal concern could be raising the price of the rent intended for residents for any specific amount because of the cost of the structure and using a entirely distinct plan for the pool. They did not make the original pool but use a cheaper supplies which in returning could cause conceivable injuries. Meaning issues that will be relevant to this analysis will be that the manager stated which the residents can be happy with simply having a pool area. He failed to care about regardless of whether it was secure. Also he replaced the Sarah and replaced her with one other therapist will had similar ideas regarding the pool that he did.

2How would you define the director's behavior? The behavior of the movie director was performed without regard for the members of Acre Timber. The manager didn't possess any reguard for the residents or perhaps for their safety. Even after the minor slipping and declines the administrator still moved aside the compliants of Sarah as well as the residents.

3. Is a director a great ethical part model? How come or why not? This manager is not really a ethical position model because he thinks it is ok to share residents the one thing to obtain what he wants make changes to satisfy the needs of the company. The manger thinks its alright to tell residents that they are going to pay more money for a selected service and after that give them a thing totally different.. It was evident for the unsafe pool area was installed on the grounds. To purchase the pool area rents were increased. These is not really ethical patterns for a administrator.

4. Had been the director's messages consonant with the company stated mission? Explain the answer. The communication between manager and residents had nothing to do with the community's mission affirmation. The quest statement says " Its mission is usually to improve the standard of living of it is residents through physical and emotional attention. '' Meaning that the supervisor should ensure that the health treatment needs from the...