Grow older and Disability Worksheet

Lindsey Markus


November 16, 2014

Kathryn Grant

Grow older and Impairment Worksheet

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Aging and Disability Worksheet

Part I actually

Identify 2 or 3 issues faced by the aging population.

1 Your aging population activities unfair treatment in the job industry. two The aging population are patients of stereotyping and prejudices based exclusively on age group.

Ageism is a gave term that is used when mentioning discrimination and prejudice up against the elderly (Schaefer, 2012).

In late 1960s the National Age Elegance in Work Act (ADEA) was passed in order to protect all workers ages 40 and up coming from being dismissed or terminated based upon how old they are and being replaced enough, apparently younger personnel that would have a lower income (Schaefer, 2012). This take action allowed persons ages 45 and up to have better job security. The problems I have tackled earlier have many things that are being done to take action. The aging population that experiences unfair treatment within their career are getting protected by Age Discrimination in Job Act as 1968. This may not be a fix all for any issues in the workplace it can do allow for more job to safeguard the aging populace. In every single state you will discover programs that are designed to help the aging population obtain jobs. Though stereotypes and prejudices to our the aging process population, it is still a continuous battle. Through places of employment, training, as well as regulations that are in place we learn how to adapt and alter our mindsets.

The amount of aging population between the years of 2000 and 2050, are expected to rise above 135%. Your aging population age range 85 or more whom health insurance and long-term heath will need care services can be expected to go up over 350%. Over on this occasion period, the proportion in the population that is over the age of sixty-five will increase via 12. 7% in 2k to 20. 3% in 2050; the amount of the human population that is era 85 and older will increase from 1 . 6% in 2000 to 4. 8% in 2050 (Wiener & Tilly, 2002).

The key types of legislation that maybe impacted by the the aging process population happen to be, the better health care, the anti-age discrimination legislation, and the increase in age retirement to be able to manage healthcare costs. In order to offset the price tag on health care plans and medical technology people will be required to job longer ahead of retiring. Cultural Security will probably be depleted considerably quicker and may not be accessible for many in the foreseeable future after retiring causing family members to help away more with the aging populace.

Poverty affects the aging population in quite a few approach. There are several. 4 million people age 65 and older that currently stay in poverty. There are millions of people which have been living paycheck to income barely making ends meet and some which have been just over a poverty series. 9. 4% of one seniors offer an income of $9, 669 and twenty two. 4% of senior couples average money of $12, 186 regarding which falls well below the line of low income. Many aged are unable to get proper medical, adequate enclosure, and their much needed prescriptions due to insufficient funds (Schaefer, 2012).

On the recognized website the ADA claims that they prohibit the elegance of people with disabilities when ever dealing with career, public accommodations, transportation, Condition and Local government authorities, commercial features, and telecommunications. These discriminations also connect with the US Our elected representatives. Individuals with afflictions can also benefit in that they will get any full range employment opportunities that are also available to others. An examples from your US Doj is, that they prohibit splendour in recruitment, hiring, promotions, training, spend, social triggers, and other liberties of employment. (U. S. Department of Justice, 2009)

Before and over the year's individuals with disabilities have had a very challenging battle with hundreds of years of stereotyping,...

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