Opeyemi Atilola

Teacher Carolyn A. Parks

The english language 205-202


1) In the holy book Joseph learn refuses to believe joseph denial and jailed him in the Koran joseph expert accepts the suggestion of another sensible man to evaluate joseph tunic but stilled imprisoned after his innocence. In the Heiliges buch des islam version of the story joseph acts as a tips for everyone this individual came in contact with. He was a divinely young man but not a leader of any kind of nation. Inside the Old Legs joseph is definitely divinely led young man who is first examined and then becomes leader of his people guiding him to wealth. Joseph was leader in Old Legs where he lead the Egypt after all his tribulation. Islamic doesn't trust in original desprovisto and is more accepting of man mistake than the Old Legs. He was not really a prophet in Judaism or perhaps Christianity nevertheless he his Islam. The message offered was god tested paul with temptations he was still righteous and gave him a sign. Islamic doesn't trust in original trouble and is more accepting of human error than the Old Legs bible. The message is basically in the Koran the story of joseph provides nothing from the epic dimension it has in genesis yet focuses on the more general concept of the the important of trusting in divine assistance. 2) The koranic attitude toward women is that they will be more treated just like a trophy than actual person and are generally there to provide satisfaction to men and take care of the boys. The men convey more authority more than women mainly because god made the one better than the additional and because that they spend all their wealth to maintain them. Over have little rights and therefore are to listen to they may be husband. 3) The Islamic perceptions of heaven and hell differ from those of Christianity and Judaism in many ways. In the Islamic traditions they have simply no god instead they have a great Allah and he contain the highest place in heaven to them. Islamic believe that after you die you can go to the afterlife known as Jannah. Their heck is called Jahannam and this is...