Creating a Constitution for Our Young Region

 Creating a Cosmetic for Our Young Country Essay


Kristina Avoir

History 111-3942

Professor Sally S. Standley

May 05, 2014

Mid Term Exam

The process for creating a Constitution to get our youthful nation

Following winning the American Innovation, America doubt about building a central government. They will feared that this would only create even more problems on their behalf. This is why the first U. S. Metabolism, The Content articles of Confederation, created a decentralized new authorities, establishing the U. S i9000. as a confederation of states. In other words, they were " independent” yet still bound together simply by congress. As time passes, The Articles or blog posts of Confederation were unproductive; leaving congress powerless within the United States and unable to control taxes. Shortly after, delegates from almost all claims met in 1787 to revise this content and instead came across a new prepare. This plan will implement preferred changes coming from all delegates which started to be " The Constitution”. The newest Constitution created a new authorities in which will be divided into three branches: 1) Legislative -- Congress

2) Executive – President

3) Judicial – Headed by simply Supreme The courtroom

Shortly subsequent was a large debate which usually ended on the compromise to get a two residence congress, which include an:

1) Upper House – The Senate

This will have similar representation for every single state.

2) Lower Residence – Residence of Reps

Representation depending on population.

Congress was in that case able to garnishment taxes, and control interstate commerce.

Aveu line of 1763

Besides controlling colonial growth, the Proclamation of 1763 dealt with the management of inherited France colonies in the French and Indian war. It set up government intended for four areas: Quebec, West Florida, East Florida, and Grenada. One of the primary problems facing the British Empire in 1763 was handling land investors in equally Europe plus the British colonies whose actions often led to frontier disputes. Some Native American people had a...



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