English Class X

 English Class X Composition

X The english language 2012

03 20, 2012 (2 TIMES AGO)

Section " A” – (Multiple Choice Questions – MCQs)

Q. 1 ) Prepare this MCQs.

Section " B” – (Short Question Answers)

Q. installment payments on your (a) Response any 8-10 of the subsequent questions in three or four content each. i. How would the caliph discovered the true owner in the horse? OR PERHAPS

What was the reaction of the horse when the rich man touched it? OR PERHAPS

What does " akhund” means? How does a teacher satisfy God's command word. OR

What are different settings of angling?

ii. What is the difference involving the old and modern techniques of farming? OR PERHAPS

How would our Ay Prophet (PBUH) and his buddies set the examples of dignity of work? OR

What do King Faisal do for the Arabs in their battle against Israel? OR

How did California king Faisal develop his region and what was his desire? iii. How did the jugglers and conjurers amuse the people in the village fair? OR

Exactly what are different types of entertainments available in the village reasonable for children? OR

How would Sultan Nasiruddin earn his living?

4. What do Moazzam carry out when Azam was milking the cow?


So why were polythene bags substituted by daily news bags?


What do you learn from the life of the Ay Prophet (PBUH)?

v. Whom tends the money and foodstuff crops in Nigeria?


What are the chef exports of Nigeria?

vi. What tools are needed to mend a puncture and exactly how is it done? OR

What does the kit to get mending punctures contain?


What is the process of mending punctures at a cycle store?

vii. What points has to be kept in mind whilst make an overview?


Precisely what are the various customs of the Valley of Mehran?


What do you know about the civilization of the Valley of Mehran? viii. How did different Muslim rulers set the examples of dignity of work? OR

What is the difference between gound beef and beef?

ix. How is the package prepared to get the package game?


What is Treasure Hunt? Just how is the game Treasure Quest played? times. Where is definitely the Khyber Go? Which is the best place along the Khyber Pass?...



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