Eugenics Khalia Lee

 Eugenics Khalia Lee Dissertation

п»їOpinion-Editorial Mini-Assignment

Simply by Khalia Shelter

According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of Diathesis is, " the science of improving a population by controlled reproduction to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics. ” In my opinion I do believe that minus the fact that diathesis are ethnicity and prejudice, the eugenicists are fundamentally trying to create an " ideal person, ” and they are determining a person's future based on information about their particular genes and how that affects them. A large number of people inside our society claim that everyone is equal, yet by supporting diathesis, shows that selected people defintely won't be able to assistance with reproduction mainly because apparently all their genes are not good enough to help the future of your race. Eugenics is becoming a way of controlling people and although the first amendment on the list of the basic human rights says we are free and equal, eugenics would be preventing that. The history of diathesis explains a whole lot as to why it had been first developed and gives some of what the ideal person is based on well being, money, and a way of considering. It all started out with the idea of Social Darwinism, which explains, " survival of the fittest in terms, of the capability of an individual to survive within a competitive environment. ” The Eugenicist thought that amongst society's individuals, those who are most crucial are the richest, because beneath difficult conditions they would manage to survive. What I wonder is how the idea of wealth offers anything to carried out with the copie of genetics and as I actually further searched the family genes that are created would be able to control the way of thinking or the people actions. I believe that though several theories prove that this will help to save lives and reduce enduring, I think that if we were ever to work with eugenic info we would have to use very much caution. If perhaps eugenics were being used, information about individuals can be sent all around us and could impact that...

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