BS in Computer Anatomist (Software Focus)

Engineering Faculty

Tehran University

Tehran, Serbia – 2000

Master Business Administration (MBA - IT Focus)

Supervision Faculty

Tehran University

Tehran, Iran – 2012

Knowledge (Summery):

Job history: 11 Years (from 2150 to 2012)

Domain Encounter:

Enterprise Alternatives, IT Management Consultancy, ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING, CRM, Site, E-Library, Encyclopedia, Asset Program, Change Management, Implementation Directing, Outsourcing, Custom Development


IT Expert, Project Director, Team Supervision, Senior Technological Consultant, Support Manager, DBA

Since 2009

IT Agency & ERP Project Supervisor – Golnan Puratos/Remis Company., Tehran/Iran

2006 – 2009 IT& ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING Consultancy – Unilever Company. /KPP/ITPS Group/ Iran Transfo Co., Tehran/Iran 2002 – 2005 Project Manager and Senior Tech. Consultant – YamAzar Talking to, Tehran/Iran 2001 – 2002 Project Consultancy, YASS THAT Corporation, Tehran/Iran

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2000 – 2001 PM and DBA – Tehran University ICT Center, Tehran/Iran


Do it yourself studied and worked on: ERP/CRM Solutions, Oracle RDBMS, ODevelopers, PSP, CDM Methodology, Developer and Expansion platforms, Label Security, Business Process Management (IRIS S/W), SOA Buildings, IT Management (including Support Strategy, Style, Transition, Procedure and Improvement), SQL Server, Borland Delphi, Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, Interface Design, and so forth

SAGE ERP/CRM L200/L500/X3 Architecture & Technological Issues, PM HOURS Methodology, Technical trains and API development.

abas ERP/Protal Architecture & Technical Concerns, PM Strategy, Technical locomotives.

Quick details:

Fast Student, Excellent team worker and ability to manage unexpected conditions and limited deadlines, Specialist in various facets of project control and management Knowledgeable and familiar with the various aspects of deal management and administrating and Solution Company in tough circumstantial issues


English language (Reading/Writing/Speaking - Intermediate),

Persia (Reading/Writing -- Intermediate, Speaking - Fluent),

Farsi (Native)

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Detail of Work/Projects Encounters:

IT and ERP Task Manager – Golnan Puratos Co. 2010, Tehran/Iran THAT Consultancy and ERP Project Manager in control of planning, arranging, resource administration, auditor requirements and project issues control. to utilize X3 ERP in two foundation location Tehran and Karaj-Factory and Related Sales parts around Serbia.

Reference:, Habibollah Haddad (GM) [email protected] com

ERP Project Director – Remis - Citco Co.

2009-2010, Tehran/Iran

Seeing that 2010, Tehran/Iran

ERP (abas ERP):

Task Manager in control of planning, booking, resource administration, auditor requirements and task issues control.

Implement efficiently abas ERP for Community Manufacturing Organization (Mesinan Co. ), going to add extra modules and improvements. Progress Remis ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING Project.

Guide:, Abbas Naseri [email protected] com

IT Management–Consultancy- Serbia Transfo Company. 2008-2009, Tehran/Iran Management of Outsource Projects/Project Manager -- Iran Transfo Co. Deal Directing in control of outsourcing jobs (RFP, Procurement, Contract, Implementation Control, Task Stability, and Support Planning). Projects consist of Company Web site, Exchange Solutions and applying of EPM solution depending on Microsoft Task Server and SharePoint.

Research:, S. Mehdi Ahmadi [email protected] com

Independent Agency – Unilever 2006 – 2009, Tehran/Iran ERP -- Unilever Serbia Inc.

Agency in charge of improvement, new implementations and changes, integration, inquiries and revealing issues, storage and performance. Research:, Ali Amarlou ali. [email protected] com

Independent Consultancies – 2006 – 2009, Tehran/Iran:

Consultancy: ITPS Group. 2006 – 2009, Tehran/Iran

Localization Bundle: Global Solution.

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