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 PR Campaign Essay


Fair Trade

Lee Elektrotriebfahrzeug Lam, Fion


Press and ethnical studies

Middlesex University (Hong Kong)

Circumstance research & analysis

Good Trade Hong Kong, it is a nonprofit association Which set up in 08. It goes together all of the Fair Trade's retail outlet in Hong Kong. A nd officially signed up with Fair control International in 2012.

In 2012, Good Trade Hk Although it hold different activitie s in promoting " Good Trade” to be able to hierarchies the past few years, th elizabeth result is not excellent.

So , I would like to help Good Trade Hong Kong, to promote the con cept of Reasonable Trade towards the public. As well, increase the donations, cust omer engagement, open public awareness of the.

SWOT ( Internal )






Every one of Fair Trade's products happen to be organic

(e. g Clothing 100% manufactured by cotton )

Some of the Fair Trade's items are handmade, it is unique Give community a high class's image? (new high class pretending high class) The brand's image can be positive and righteousness

Weak points






Public might go through the Fair Trade's product expensive

The product maybe be not really active

Reasonable Trade can be not understand well in Hk

There were too few promotion of Fair Control

Cannot guarantee all the products' quality will be unanimous

SWOT (External)


• Produce Fair Control to be about the most topic among teena gers and midsection class mature

• Many people focus on the high quality and healthier rece ntly year in Hong Kong

• Hong Kong people are sympathetic (most of the producer are from your third world)

• Guard environment is one of the things that public's matter • Good Trade is usually popular in West's region

• Cooperate with worldwide company (e. g Starbucks) to enha nce each of our reputation and their image

SWOT (External)


• There are numerous same type products that cheaper and delicate • Is going to Fair Control suppressed by simply other organization?

• There not enough money to disseminate Fair Transact

10 Fair Trade guidelines (prescribed by WFT

O* )

1 ) Creating Chances for Financially Disadvantaged Makers 2 . Visibility and AccountabilityВ В

3. Environmentally friendly Trading PracticesВ В В

4. Repayment of a Fair PriceВ В В В

a few. Preventing Child Labour and Forced LabourВ В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В 6. Non Discrimination, Gender Value and Liberty of AssociationВ В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В several. Provides Secure and Healthy Working Circumstances

8. Building up Capacities of Producers

being unfaithful. Promotion of Fair Trade

10. Eco friendly Environmental Practice

*World Reasonable Trade Corporation


Good everywhere!!

2016 - 2017

• Enhance public know more about " Reasonable Trade”

• Recruit young adults and midsection class adults to be the customer • Reinforce an ongoing effort to preserve Fair Trade's reputation and public support

• Boost the customer sites to be and contributions for Good Tr ade's association

• Make " Fair Trade” to be a great icon of lifestyle and an personality

Target audience

(market research in essay)

Primary target:

-- age: 15 – twenty-five (Teenagers)

-- gender: Both

Secondary target:


age group: 25 – 45 (middle class adults)

gender: The two

Income: > $30, 000 per month

place of work: Office

Fair everywhere!!

2016 - 2017

Strategies/ Strategy

Fair just about everywhere!!

2016 - 2017

• Re-package the items and shops

• Add the new element into Fair Trade's campaign, make Fair Trade's internet marketing age more younger and stylish

• Main force for the social media to get our advertising tool

• Cooperate with different international corporations or community association • Cooperate with some artists or public figure to interact target audience • Make the account angle for making noise (positive)

Tactical Decisions

Fair everywhere!!

2016 - 2017

Desired goals:

- Produce a strong impression to costumers

- Raise the customer sites to be, donations and knowledge of us

- Generate " Reasonable Trade” to become an icon of lifestyle

Makes decisions that will help the longevity, page rank

ofitability, and continued improvement of all areas of o




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