Characters Respond to Different Challenges

 Characters Respond to Different Issues Essay

Heroes in to eliminate a mockingbird respond in different ways to different scenarios. My composition will cope with Jem and Atticus two very strong heroes in the book and both of them react to challenges in different ways. I chose Jem and Atticus because they are equally very thoughtful and nurturing characters in the book and both play a really major part in the book. The specific situation I will be dealing with is the trial because equally men have to come some challenges.

Atticus is a very advanced character available, " To Kill a Mocking Bird”. He performs a major position in the book and must over arrive many different problems. The difficulties I will talk about are the conditions leading up to the trial as well as the trial.

Inside the events leading up to the trial he is sitting at the state jail " protecting” and reading to Tom Robinson. (The defendant) Many different men wanting to kill him and Tom Robinson approach because they are angry Ben raped a female. Atticus is incredibly cool-headed and handles this very well. He talks to the boys and is likewise helped by simply his child, nine-year-old Scout. He talks to the men and calm them down and make them know what they are undertaking is very unreasonable. He explains to them that there will be a reasonable trial for Tom and Mayella.

In the trial he is the defendants lawyer and he must more than come assumptions by the attaquer. Atticus through the trial was being yelled and pointed by by Mayella. He always kept a very good head without got frustrated. He would relaxed her and ensure she believed safe about him. He had over arrive a challenge to getting Mayella to deal with him inside the trial. One more challenge gets a white jury to look in favor of a black guy. In order for him to over come this problem he must present forth specific evidence and must truly feel confident and strong when supporting this evidence or maybe the jury might not go for the detail he is putting forth.

Jem is another character going through many issues coming up towards the trial. At school he is getting...



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