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Friendship is actually a feeling of take pleasure in and devotion of one person for another. This feeling of take pleasure in must be reciprocated. Otherwise companionship cannot be likely. Friendship would not exist where tastes, emotions and statements are not comparable. The famous essayist Bacon features warned resistant to the friendship between a very wealthy person and a very poor person. Monetary disparity injuries friendship. Therefore friendship can be described as feeling of passion between two likeminded persons of uniform status. It is known that a friend in require is a friend in deed. There may be many close friends at the time of wealth. But a lot of them desert in the time adversity. We could examine the sincerity of any friend during our moments of hardship and trouble. Just a sincere and loyal friend remains to be with us in the time our trouble. All others creates. It is very unpleasant when our friends turn traitors. Money can be an adversary of camaraderie. Everybody has a great attraction for cash. When lending or asking for of money is done between two friends, there is great risk. Friendship can be affected. Therefore it is wise for true good friends to avoid financial transaction. Pride is another factor which fractures friendship. Everybody has self-respect. Each time a person tries to criticise his friend, their particular friendship is affected. Therefore friendship must be treated very delicately. Very often some hypocrites pretend to be friends. They are more dangerous than avowed foes. By showing soft terms they deliver enormous wreck to all of us. A true friend never exploits. He rather surrenders. Although at present, this is of friendship has changed. There are plenty of fair-weathered good friends. They eliminate their friendly tie when their hobbies are satisfied. It is very difficult to get a true friend today. It is best to establish accurate friendship with either a puppy or an elephant. Both these beasts will remain faithful for their human friends. Today, companionship between two persons is short-lived. Good friends exercise great influence. That they always support their close friends, in relax and inspire those to walk on the right path. But bad friends wreck us entirely. -

Good friends are very important in our lives. Friendships are often formed when we are young and usually do not demand an excessive amount of out of it. According to studies and research, humans are likely to form greatest number of friendships at pre-school and primary level. However , one particular tends to include less close friends as one develops older and wiser. This is due to we understand there are good friends and bad ones. The saying that a good friend in require is a friend certainly is very appropriate in this situation because friends are those who are reliable and trustworthy. in a young age, our demands are generally not too high concerning friendships as we rely mostly on each of our parents, bros and relatives for important things. The friends all of us formed at this young age are merely deemed playmates rather than companions and confidants. Thus, our targets of them are certainly not high. More dangerous friendships will be formed when ever one goes in puberty and achieves specific level of maturity. the latter enables one to move fellowship with those who talk about the same hobbies, passion and similar moral and spiritual values. Hence, it is not astonishing to observe that in some Cookware country, adult students in the upper supplementary level have got friends of the identical ethnic and religious experience. At the school level, it really is even more apparent. Even the Ministry of education has been vocal concern more than this sensation where polarization is dominant. The Indians, Chinese and Malays rarely mix with the other person and are viewed usually in the company of their own kind. One of the main reasons intended for polarization between university students is the fact as they reach a certain degree of maturity, common binding factors such as religion, customs and traditions play important role in selection of close friends or mates. In addition , since majority of these students originate from rural experience where there is definitely not much ethnic interchange, they feel rather awkward to forge...



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