Installing and Working a Sand-Making Machine

 Installing and Operating a Sand-Making Machine Essay

Hongxing impact crushers are the hefty type gear, and also known as sand producing machines. The installation and operation have fixed ruels and guidance. Generally speaking, in case you install and use the yellow sand making euqipment according to the pursuing instructions, the gear using lifestyle, product top quality and personal basic safety can be certain. OK, a few list the attentions when installing and operating a crushed stone making equipment.

A. When installation, adapt the horizontal position. The machine must have the fundamental conditions:

1) feeding components sequent.

2) large pieces of materials can return back to the machine.

3) there is the raising equipment upon the machine this means you will lift the machine conveniently.

4) there is adequate room to check on one side of crusher.

B. Prevalent ruels when operating the sand machine.

1 . Planning works just before start-up Sand making equipment has a trial run for 4 hours in manufacturer and all parts are in order. However , you need to check up the equipment again before start-up.

1) Check up turntable is balanceable or certainly not, that is, wearing parts is usually installed in a whole set or not.

2) The positioning of triangular belt works or certainly not, that is, strain is suitable or not.

3) All parts happen to be connected progressively or not, and screws are fastened or not 1-4 Check-up if there is a device or miscellany, mixture in the machine. Close the inspection door and put into safety bolt. Avoid open inspection door once operation. 1-5 Check up the running way of engine and turntable is correct or not: anticlockwise rotation from your feeding interface 1-6 Check up lubrication is plenty or not really.

2 . Start-up without load

1) Ammeter is working or not really.

2) The control system: Y/' minimizing the pressure start-up; Y/' time transfer relay needs to be adjusted as 50S or so.

3) Start up of double electrical equipment: Stand-alone start up and Two engine start up. You can opt for the start-up in line with the power of electric powered network.

a few. Start-up...