Under No Circumstances

16 Lessons from the Best Commencement Speeches Provided by Writers

Graduation: High School and Dav >Graduation. While David Create Wallace said: learning the right way to think seriously means learning to exercise several control over how and whatever you think. It means being conscious and conscious enough to choose what you pay attention to and to choose how you construct meaning via experience. Since if […]

The National Book Review

Non-fiction Changing My thoughts: Occasional Documents(2009) Stop What You’re Carrying out and Read This!(2011) (with Carmen Callil, Mark Haddon, Michael Rosen and Jeanette Winterson) Some Notes in Attunement: A voyage around Joni MitchellThe modern Yorker, 17 Dec 2012, and later featured inThe Best American Essays(2013) Take it or perhaps leave it. Take Out.The New Yorker.89(35): […]