Adam A. Narus

James C. Anderson *

May 2002


Adam A. Narus is Teacher of Organization Marketing, Babcock Graduate College of Supervision, Wake Forest University. Wayne C. Anderson is the Bill L. Honda Distinguished Mentor of Marketing and Wholesale Distribution, and Mentor of Behavioral Science in Management, Kellogg Graduate student School of Management, Northwestern University. He can also the Irwin Low Distinguished ISBM Research Many other at the Start for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM), located at Penn State University or college, and Browsing Research Professor, Department of Technology Managing, Eindhoven University or college of Technology, the Netherlands. The significant contributions of Jan Peter van der Hoek, Ewald Bruggeman, and Erwin van den Broek in gathering and examining case info are gratefully acknowledged. Please be aware that we prepared this case because the basis for class discussion instead of to illustrate either powerful or inadequate handling of your administrative circumstance. We have disguised some case information. Send out correspondence to: James A. Narus Babcock Graduate College of Management Wake Forest University Suite 150, 1 Morrocroft Hub 6805 Morrison Boulevard Charlotte, NC 28226-3551 USA +1. 704. 365. 6717 (telephone) jim. [email protected] wfu. edu (e-mail) В©

2002, Wayne C. Anderson and David A. Narus. All privileges reserved.


A loud nevertheless warm greetings startled James Kombrink, a lead industrial engineer from Croon Elektrotechniek's Anatomist Department. This came from Bart Van Asch, a elderly account consultant from Océ Technologies B. V. Together with a technical sales force from Océ, Bart had driven one hour by car from their office buildings in Den Bosch to Croon's hq in Rotterdam to give a sales demonstration for the Océ 950 Digital Reprographics System. " Let me familiarizes you with my group, " Bart said enthusiastically as he offered a brief overview of the skills of each person. The team included a younger account representative, a field specialized service rep, and something engineer. Since the group walked into a Croon convention room, James reflected for the events that led to the day's meeting. The general supervisor of Croon Elektrotechniek's Engineering Department got selected James as the lead professional on a team and instructed them to decide on a new document reproduction system for Croon's office in Rotterdam. Croon, an electrical architectural and development firm applied the system to duplicate specialized documents which includes computer aided design (CAD) diagrams, building blueprints, and construction procedure specifications. The program also constructed complex " sets” comprised of numerous webpages and kinds of odd sized drawings (e. g., blueprints), charts and graphs. Croon's incumbent program, an inkjet printer, analog copier, and offline file, had performed an adequate purpose of the past five years. While the system outdated and repair expenses extended to install, the general administrator decided that it was time to replace the system. James and his team got narrowed the choices down to three. First, Croon could change the incumbent system with an current inkjet printer, copier, and folder. Second, Croon can purchase newer technology as the Xerox Engineering Solutions 8830 Digital Duplication Program (XES 870 DDS). Third, Croon can acquire the same technology inside the Océ 950. On This summer 5th, Geert Hoogervorst of Hoogervorst Producing Services, B. V. experienced given a presentation to get the XES 870 DDS. Bart plus the Océ crew would have their chance today, July 9th.


With annual proceeds approaching €200 million (euros) and total employees exceeding 1, five-hundred, Croon Elektrotechniek is one of the several largest electric engineering, design, and structure firms in the Netherlands. Over 125 years, Croon provides executed set up projects and maintenance agreements both at your home and overseas. Croon provides companies, establishments, and government authorities in six major...